Take action

For those of you tired of talking and ready to take action, this tab is for you. Are you a manager interested in effecting cultural change, but not sure how? A PhD student unsure of how to start the discussion in your section? Read further and get inspired.

Four things to do now

If you take nothing else away, consider these four actions.

  1. Find a network:
    • Get involved in existing efforts.
    • Form your own network (ask people what they want).
    • Join the diversity space of the WeDoWind Ecosystem, run in collaboration with the Swiss Wind Energy R&D Network, to access a digital platform with access to discussions and webinars about DEI
  2. Increase awareness:
    • Find a common gender-neutral language (check and communicate your definitions).
    • Discuss DEI with your peers in informal settings.
    • Promote inclusiveness (strategy, mission, recruiting).
    • Create a diversity and inclusion policy.
  3. Work on yourselves:
    • Fight your unconscious biases (feedback culture).
    • Talk to colleagues constructively about their unconscious biases.
    • Provide unconscious bias training
    • Treat your colleagues the way they want to be treated.
  4. Support under-represented groups:
    • Identify, actively encourage and support under-represented groups.
    • Increase visibility of under-represented groups.
    • Create positive role models for under-represented groups.
    • Choose diverse recruiting teams.


We have compiled a database of useful DEI resources that may help and inspire you to get active – coming soon!