Welcome to the website of the European Wind Energy Academy’s committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). We’re happy you’ve joined us.

We are committed to improving diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in wind energy science, by (a) providing tools to help people improve DEI in their organisations, (b) increasing the visibility of under-represented groups and (c) acting as positive role models by improving DEI within EAWE and our own organisations.

New - the EAWE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey

EAWE aims to be an inclusive and diverse organisation, where anyone can participate fully and feel welcome, regardless of their background and characteristics. To help achieve this aim, we want to understand the make-up of the EAWE community and identify any barriers or challenges which people within the community experience. This survey asks a series of questions designed to gather demographic information about the EAWE community and the wider wind energy science community. It asks further questions which aim to identify specific challenges and opportunities for EAWE to better support members of the community.

Fill out the survey here.

How to use this website

This website contains many resources for different users. If you are interested in taking action to promote DEI but not sure how, please check out the “Take action” for inspiration. To learn more about DEI and why the wind energy industry needs it, the “About DEI” tab has what is takes to get you going. The Newsroom tab contains articles about previous and upcoming events as well as cross-posted articles relevant to our mission. Finally, you can see the faces behind the committee in the “Who we are” tab.

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It’s time to take action! Click on the “Take action” link and read about four things you can do now to start promoting DEI in your sphere of influence.

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