The Diversity Committee at TORQUE2024

At the TORQUE2024 conference in May 2024, the Diversity Committee will be hosting a panel discussion on the topic of “Embracing both traditional female and male qualities in everyone to increase the value of wind energy” during the opening session, and running a workshop in which we will discuss the formation of a DEI support group. You can find the programme here. We hope to see you there!

The Diversity Committee survey and workshop at the EAWE PhD seminar 2023

At the EAWE PhD seminar 2023, we ran a survey and workshop on the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion. This helped us to set our priorities for 2024!

Breaking the gender barriers, breaking the silos

Our chair, Sarah Barber, spoke on the panel at the “BREAKING THE GENDER BARRIERS, BREAKING THE SILOS” event at WindEnergy Hamburg on Sep. 27th 2022
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